St. Andrew’s United Church, Heckston


We as a church are working in partnership with God to create a community of caring people who believe in God and the message he gave to us in his Son Jesus.

Mission statement

As a church we minister to those who are in need, to help people unload their burdens in a troubled world, to be a place where we can find God, a place where people can grow with God.


St. Andrew’s United Church is a very pretty stone church located on County Rd. 22 in the village of Heckston.   Originally Heckston was known as Stone’s Corners.  Barbara Heck, a Methodist evangelist, formed the church in the locality.  When her name was combined with the original name, the community became known as Heckston.

Over the years St. Andrew’s has undergone many changes.  Services began in 1826 when Rev. Dr. Robert Boyd came by horseback to conduct services in homes and in the school.  When the present church was constructed in 1886 it was known as St. Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. 

Then in 1925 the Methodist Church, located across the road, closed and the Methodist congregation joined with the Presbyterian to form St. Andrew’s United Church. In 1948 the church was completely renovated only to be devastated by fire in 1957. The church, however, was rebuilt within the original walls at a cost of $24,000.

In the fall of 2002 the changes continued when a new steeple was added.  As St. Andrew’s continues to change and grow, it serves families who have been a part of the congregation for generations while always welcoming new members.

Worship: 11:00 a.m.
Address: 256 South Gower Drive, Kemptville, ON  K0G 1J0
Phone: 613-989-2825
Directions: On County Road 22 proceeding through Heckston at the north end of town.

St. Andrew's United Church - Heckston

St. Andrew's United Church - Heckston